Reasons WHY to buy selfie drones!

Love selfie?

Of cause everybody loves selfie. Even, nowadays, selfies have evolved and adapted to the modern world. Everyone takes them and everyone loves them. It’s a whole another story than what was the case a couple of years back. The fact that the drones’ market is becoming flooded with pocket selfie drones comes as no surprise.

Pocket selfie drones.

Speaking of pocket selfie drones, these are mini selfie drones characterised by their small size plus they’re usually foldable as well which makes them perfect traveling companions, solid camera and ease of use. Even though they have just started to grow in popularity, there are already a bunch of models available on the market. One of them is DJI Spark.

Picture credit to Aliexpress

DJI spark is the smallest and the cheapest drone ever made by DJI. But even though its super tiny size, it’s definitely very powerful! I owned my Spark for just under 1 month and I’ve spent plenty of hours taking photos and videos in the air with it.

The DJI Spark Combo pack comes with some really nice accessories! I like the Spark’s small and portable size, a lot less intimidating for pilots and bystanders. The padded carrying case, battery dock, spare batteries, and of course the dedicated controller are worth it to have! For only a few hundred dollars more, I’d highly recommend it if you’re buying the Spark drone.

These are the main specs and features for Spark:
● Multiple Intelligent Flight Modes available – ActiveTrack, TapFly, QuickShot etc.
● Powerful propulsion enables Spark to fly at up to 31 MPH (50 kph) in Sport Mode
● 720P FPV, up to 2km long-distance image transmission by connecting your phone to the transmitter
● 1/2.3 inch CMOS sensor, f/2.6 wide-angle lens, 2-axis mechanical gimbal for stabilized 1080P videos and 12MP stills
● Max. transmission distance with controller: 1.2 miles
● 1480mAh 11.4V LiPo
● Max. flight time: 16 minutes
● Takeoff weight: 300g
● Dimensions: 143 x 143 x 55mm

● Intelligent Flight ModesSmart, reliable, and incredibly intuitive Quick Shot Videos with a Tap.
● High-Performance CameraAmazing images and stabilized videoMechanical Gimbal StabilizationShake-Free Shots
● Flight PerformanceAwesome potential, immersive experiencesPowerful Propulsion Speed and Precision Control
● Flight SafetyWorry-free flight in the palm of your hand.
● 2-Axis Stabilised Gimbal Camera

Beside the above features of the Spark is that it is gesture controlled when it is in flight mode. That means that you can control your drone when it is in the air with the movement of your hands or fingers. For example, you can signal the drone to take a picture of you from above. In addition, you can wave at the drone and it will fly 10 feet away from you.

Lastly, there are numerous companion app for you to control the Spark without any issues. For example, you can make the drone do a circular orbit, do a sweeping crane shot, or even zoom in or out.

The DJI Spark Drone is the perfect drone for anyone of any age and it will fit perfectly in your hand for takeoff. Check it out now!

More info and purchase at: Laariz Gadget House.