7 of the Best Smartphones Gadget in 2018

So, what can we look forward to in 2018?

Neither you nor me can’t live without smartphone gadgets in today’s era. As we all know, 2017 is declared as the “Year of Gadgets“. So, what can we look forward to in 2018?
Technology plays a major role in keeping you busy all the time.These latest smartphone gadgets plays a vital role in reducing human effort and saving a time.
This time around, based on our research, we selected 7 best smartphone gadgets that are awesome and you should immediately buy without even thinking for a minute.

1.  Bulb Light CCTV Home Security WiFi Camera

Picture credit to Aliexpress

This is really cool stuff. It looks and functions exactly like an everyday light bulb and plugs into any standard socket.

It using wifi connectivity, so you can watch the live video feed from anywhere. This cool device works great for nanny cam monitoring or home security and blends in for filming at the workplace.

The Wifi Light Bulb Camera records HD video in 720p or 960P resolution, so the important details are always sharp. The included extender socket gives you access to hard-to-reach fixtures and lets you manoeuvre the camera for better viewing angles.

Built-in wifi capability allows you to watch video from the camera remotely on your smartphone or tablet. There’s no need to retrieve the camera in order to see what’s happening. You can stay connected to the device and keep track of the video feed in real time. And since the camera draws power straight from the socket, you don’t have to worry about charging or battery life when you’re away.

Highly recommended for you have one for excellent camera surveillance at home or work, the Wifi Light Bulb Camera stays undetected and delivers first-rate video you can watch remotely.

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2. Spycam with Motion Sensor IR Night Vision Camcorder.

Picture credit to Aliexpress

This super Mini high definition full HD1080P camera is equipped with various practical functions integrating digital photography, video recorder and audio recorder function with fashionable and dainty appearance, stable and outstanding quality with wide and diversified purposes. It will bring you the new and memorable experiences of use and is the indispensable tool for you.

The main functions of this device include high definition video recording, high definition photography, quality audio record, PC camera, and movable disk.

This super mini camera is applicable for the purposes of reporter interview, wonderful snap shoot, emergency record, living fragment record, recreation record, sports record, aided teaching record, family security monitoring, criminal investigation and evidence-collecting for legal purpose, landscape record during travel, outdoors exploration record and backing memory, etc.

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3. 40X60 Monocular Telescope HD Prism Scope With Phone Clip Tripod for Smartphone.

Picture credit to Aliexpress

This 40X60 outdoor monocular telescope is the perfect tools for bird searching, concert watching, golfing, hunting, climbing, fishing, attend sports event or even just view enjoying. It can be folded to match the distance of your eyes, suitable for both adults and kids.

– HD vision monocular: 40X magnification with BAK4 prism lens design, giving you a clearer and more colorful scenery.
– Easy to focus: it can be folded to match the distance of your eyes, suitable for both adults and kids.
– Wide field of view: FMC multi-layer enhanced green film increases light transmission for brighter and higher-contrast images.
– Day night vision: it will help you see things in low light, it does not help you see things in the dark.
– Equipped with a tripod and phone clip: set your hands free to see the more beautiful view through your phone.
– Single hand operation: lightweight and compact, easier and more convenient for outdoor using.
– Durable to use: rubber coating protects the body from impact and wear.
– Further distance vision: the farthest visual distance can up to 7500m, it is 20 times further than other ordinary cameras.

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4. Portable intelligent three folding bluetooth keyboard for iPad, PC, Tablet, iPhone and Smartphone.

Picture credit to Aliexpress

On the go, looking for a quick and easy way to compose e-mail and other documents with your iOS & Android smartphone or tablet. This Bluetooth mobile keyboard will be your best choice. Designed to work with Bluetooth-enabled devices, this keyboard features an ultra-compact design that folds for maximum portability and easy storage. An stand for convenient to hold your devices while you are typing.

This is an interesting keyboards I’ve seen on the market and for the price, it’s great to replace that keyboard for your surface or if you were thinking of getting one for that or your iPad, then you should check this out! It goes great with my RCA tablet!

Made of aviation aluminium for superior rigidity, an anodised matt process creates a comfortable touch sensation. Ergonomic keys can be used more than 3 million times continuously.
Low-profile keys bring an innovative level of comfort to your fingertips. Moreover, keep all your most used features and media closer than ever before Windows-Dedicated hot keys.
Built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.

More than 72 hours of effective use of time and 200 days of standby time on one charge.

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5. Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser for Smartphone.

Picture credit to Aliexpress


The build quality on this is really solid. It’s made from metal although it’s not heavy and feels very rugged. It designed with a unique telescopic arm featured with detailed scale mark for precise fixing, balance adjustment is made much easier and more accurate.

The universal port to enhance creativity equipped with an universal 1/4″ threaded hole at the bottom that can be mounted to various photography equipment and apparatus such as tripod mount, extension rod or suction cup. So you not only can produce rocker-arm footage but can also make cool time lapse footage with ideal view while it operates with your hands free!

The hand-wheel on its control panel allows various camera settings, including exposure compensation, ISO, white balance, shutter speed and focusing, to your fingertips, allowing real-time precise control of both the camera and stabiliser. The unique 2-way mobile clamp design allows easy switch of mounting direction, either horizontal or vertical, to adapt various application needs.

The apps – ZY Play – not only allows customised parameter settings for photo/video shooting and gimbal mechanical controls but allowing more subtle adjustments with exposure compensation, ISO, white balance and multi-style filters etc. Also supports multiple intelligent functions, including time lapse, long exposure, panoramic imaging and more , to literally turn your phone into a real film making device.

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6. Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor, Call Reminder and GPS chip Sports Bracelet


Picture credit to Aliexpress

This is another cool gadget. The waterproof smart wristband heart rate monitor, call reminder and GPS sports fitness tracker. It has a variety of sports modes such as running, swimming, basketball, and badminton, which can help you record the amount of heat consumed by sports data and exercise.
It track your heart rate and all-day activities. Pedometer wristband can display steps taken, distance traveled, calorie burned, etc. Let these relevant data guide you to get a better understanding your fitness level.
Its really easy to use. Simply connect the Smart Wristband to your smart phone via Bluetooth 4.0 and set in apps. You will NEVER miss a call, SMS, SNS messages including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger, etc.

– Professional Waterproof
– Support languages such as French, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, English, German and Korean.
– Function as Alarm Clock, Push Message, Speed Measurement, Passometer, Social Media Notifications, Message Reminder, Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Tracker, Call Reminder, Fitness Tracker.
– Case material is plastic and silica.
– Multi-sport modes like swimming, running, climbing, cycling, walking and more.
– Compatibile with Android 4.4+ and ios 8.0+.
– Equipped with GPS tracking to monitor speed, pace, trace, mileage, calories consumed, steps, sports time etc.

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7. Universal Mobile Phone HUD Head Up Display Holder For Smartphone.


Picture credit to Aliexpress

Nowadays the majority of people take advantage of a smart phone for navigation. The product turns any smartphone into a head-up display (hud) for any car.

HUD mobile navigation bracket exploits the hardened organic glass to prevent scratch and project navigation information onto the panel based on optical reflection theorem.

When placed on the center console, drivers don’t need to bow to see because it will not block sight.The driver can see the road ahead through the glass screen.Thus drivers could pay more attention to the road conditions nearby.

The design avoids the drivers observing the distant road conditions, which makes the navigation information more visualized and thereby improves the driving safety.

The base of this HUD can be rotated in 360 degree, with the 3m glue at the bottom which have highly bonding effect will tear without leaving any traces and fit for uneven and flat surface.

Base Size:16cm(Length) X 9.3cm(Width) X 1.2cm(Thickness); Screen Size: 5.9 inches.Suitable for most of the iPhone Samsung or other Smart Phone.

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So, there it is. Our highlights for the best smartphone’s gadget year ahead. Hope you enjoy the reading and don’t forget to shop at Laariz Gadget House. See you again in the next articles.