What VR headset can do next?

Virtual Reality (VR) is going to be awesome. Not just a gaming set anymore.

So, you’re thinking about getting a VR headset for your phone? But you’re not sure what you can actually do with it beside gaming? Or, you might be wondering what else your glowing headset can do..

Do you know that VR can have real-life applications too? Oh! before I go further, here are some information for those who do not know what is VR headset. A virtual reality headset (VR) is a head-mounted device that provides virtual reality for the wearer. They are widely used for gaming but they are also used in other applications, including simulators and trainers.

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People are now starting to realize that virtual reality can have real-life applications especially online shopping. With this experience, you’re no longer have to drive your car to the store, hear a sales pitch and creak your head to get what you want. With this device, you can shop and have a product delivered right to your door steps.

Even though eCommerce basically provides convenience to consumers for shopping online but it still has not fully solved the problem. This is because users want to visualize the product before they buy them.

That’s where virtual reality comes in. Nowadays, eCommerce retailers are gear up to bring their products into the hands of consumers with VR technology. It’s good for us: shop in the comfort of your own home with added value to see the size and shape of the product in ‘real life.’

Imagine trying out a pair of shoes at home, or driving your dream car without taking it to drive on the open road. Many large-scale companies have taken advantage of this technology to bring their products to consumer so they can try it. It is a new marketing tool for convenience to consumers as it satisfies both of their needs for the convenience and real shopping experience.

While this technology is still in its infancy, users seem to have begun practicing it. According to a survey conducted by Walker Sands 66% of consumers are interested in using VR to make purchases, and 22% say they do not have to visit the store if VR is introduced.

However this technology is still new and has many shortcomings. For example, just think about how many fewer returns an eCommerce clothing store might have if they offered VR. Or consider the kind of brand loyalty that VR technology can create by guiding the consumer to the best product without pushy sales people or other annoying aspects of a brick-and-mortar shop.

So will v-commerce eliminate the need for brick-and-mortar stores all together? Well, let see what happen next. However, it does create a major opportunity for companies and brands who adopt the VR technology.

So, that’s it. Our highlights for the VR headset technology. Hope you enjoy the reading and don’t forget to shop at Laariz Gadget House for the best deals for Virtual Reality Smartphone VR Box Headset..

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